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Exterior Paint for Park Homes

It is advisable that the exterior of your park home is maintained regularly. This will ensure that the appearance of your home is maintained but more importantly, it will combat any deterioration to the exterior walls and prevent mould and dampness occurring.

Due to the nature of construction of a park home, it is important that the home is waterproof. Any dampness will compromise the entire property and also affect the wellbeing of the occupants. Cracks and holes must therefore be attended to promptly.

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Exterior Coating

Prestige Developments have a range of exterior textured paints and masonry coatings specially formulated for use on park homes.

Textured Exterior Paint

This is a resin formula which is quick drying and has anti mould additives. It has a smooth matt appearance and can also be applied over cracks and minor defects. It is available in a range of colours.

This paint is easy to apply using either a brush or a roller.

DIY Park Home Paint

Our paints are available to purchase and can be delivered directly to your door. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Exterior Painting for Park Homes

Prestige Developments offer an exterior painting service for your park home. We will prepare and rectify any defects on the wall surface and remove any moss or mould before applying a fungicidal coating.

We will then apply a textured paint for a perfect, professional finish.

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Note: All our Exterior Coating comply with current BS3632 regulations but you are advised to refer to your park site licence and seek the approval from your park owner before any work is carried out.

As part of our ongoing development, we reserve the right to change or alter specifications without prior notice. E&OE.


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