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Park Home Insulation for Cavity Walls

The Prestige cavity wall re-cladding and coating system brings exterior wall finishes and performance in line with the latest home specifications. All works are carried out to BS3632 standards. The latest cladding materials specified are guaranteed rot proof and fire proof which means reduced maintenance costs and added peace of mind.

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Lower energy heating costs… higher property values

The superior specifications and materials used can reduce heating energy costs by up to 50% and virtually eliminate damp and condensation in the cavity wall. Additionally the exterior appearance of the home is transformed resulting in an increased value to the property.

Damp and poor insulation are the major factors affecting park homes. Water, condensation and dampness will result in damage to the structure of the property if left unattended. Sub standard insulation can also be the cause of these conditions and will certainly impact on your living comfort levels and your heating costs.

All installations are carried out by our own experienced and skilled engineers so you can be confident that all work is carried out to the highest standards and  is guaranteed.

The workmanship and materials used will virtually ensure your home remains free from damp and condensation, and will increase insulation levels significantly which will reflect in your heating and energy costs.

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Unique Prestige Cavity Wall system

The work we undertake involves stripping out the exterior boards to expose the studwork so any repairs can be made to any damaged or rotten timbers.

Once we are confident that the cavity is dry and the original insulation is intact, we will then commence with the process listed below.

  1. 32 – 35mm studwork is added to strengthen the walls and to create a second cavity.
  2. 30mm Celotex/Kingspan insulation material is fitted over the original insulation (This can also be updated if required).
  3. A Tyvek breathable membrane is added.
  4. New ‘’Multi-Pro-XS” fire proof and root proof cladding. A major breathrough in Park home contruction methods, removing the use of Plywood from the external walls
  5. We use Multi Pro XS drip rail, matching the exterior walls
  6. Exterior coating applied using the Prestige long life texture coating system available in a range of colours.

Note: All our Cavity Wall comply with current BS3632 regulations but you are advised to refer to your park site licence and seek the approval from your park owner before any work is carried out.

As part of our ongoing development, we reserve the right to change or alter park home insulation specifications without prior notice. E&OE.

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